We love helping people with their
oxygen therapy needs. And they’ve
said some nice things about us.

“I wanted to mention to you (and you can feel free to use this quote in your literature) that my little sister started out with bad liver numbers from the chemo and radiation. And a combination of the Hyperbaric and intravenous glutathione and vitamin C drips brought her liver back to normal. What a blessing! I’m very grateful for the service you provide.” ~Jewell in Colorado

“Hey Brian, the dives are going great! I enjoy it.”  ~Jordan in Golden, CO (dealing with TBI)

“HBOT is working!

Thank you so much. I’m telling you all this so you know how much I appreciate that we are already starting to get our lives back. Shane is playing music with the guys again today. ? and I was able to get to the pet store! Thanks Brian.” ~Dr. Wendy in Colorado Springs, CO

“Sonya’s leg feels better when she gets out of the chamber…1st sign of change.”
~Dr. Jack in Fort Collins, CO

“I just finished a dive. I use it daily and am so grateful to have it in my home for ease. After 8 days of hbot the Dr said the wound looks contained! Yay. I go on Thursday for another wound cleaning and will see what he says at the 14 day mark. I definitely have more internal twinges which the Dr hopes is nerve reconnections.” (update: “Thank you! Today the Dr said he saw the most healing in a 1 week span he’s ever seen on me in almost 9 weeks. Yay!!! Thank you for your prayers?) ~Brittany in Longmont, CO

“Thank you for everything!

We enjoyed having the Chamber and would like to find space to have it permanently. ~ David P in Greenville SC

“I am already feeling better. Thanks Brian!” ~Courtney L. from Boulder, CO

“Hi Brian, the HBOT unit has been great so far! Just wanted to let you know. I’m feeling good! And I appreciate you making this happen!” ~Shmuel Bergman

“Brian and Jen are incredibly helpful.

They walk you through everything and make the whole process easy. They have the lowest prices in town, have had many quotes and sometimes they’re even less than half the price of others. I’m so glad I was put in contact with them and I’m loving my chamber thus far. Already helping cool down my inflammation!” ~Covid Castaways

“Brian and Jen are incredibly professional, knowledgeable and nice. I called Brian in a panic when I was experiencing a medical scare this year. Brian was quick to answer my questions, easy to understand, and super fast in delivering my chamber within 2 days of my phone call. When he and his team delivered and set up the chamber, they were so kind and so easy to work with. They were also very COVID safe, which was appreciated. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a need for a chamber.” ~Ali Cortez

“Service was excellent and equipment was New. Our experience was great start to finish and I’m feeling better! I’m a happy camper, half the price and same results as the clinics In Denver.” ~Jeremiah Mann

“There aren’t many places that one can rent a hyperbaric chamber for their own homes.

What makes this a fantastic company is not only do they make it possible to have a chamber in your home without having to find a clinic, but their prices are extraordinary. I definitely recommend Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions for anyone who wants to have the benefit of a hyperbaric chamber and rent it from a company that is friendly, easy to work with and affordable.” ~Michelle Faber

“Afordable hyperbaric Solutions helped me get my hyperbaric chamber rental business in Knoxville Tenn. Up and Running. There’s a lot more than you’d expect getting a small business off the ground. With their help – l did it! They’re knowledgeable and willing to help new comers like me get into the hyperbaric rental business. Brian and Jennifer have very kind hearts and are so understanding of the needs of others. Thank You ?so much guys for all your help!!?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” ~Camgo05 1

“After a debilitating car accident, I was devastated. Found Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions and after 10 days of in home use, my occupational therapist was astonished at the change. Finally, after so much struggle with different therapies, the chamber they set up in my home was the difference that made the difference. I finally began making progress in my therapies after that and started to believe in myself and my ability to recover. Thank you Jen and Brian, for everything. Not only do you offer a great product and service, you are just good good good decent people who deliver service with knowledge, competence and compassion.” ~Sahna Carmona


“This is a great way to go when first getting familiar with the world of hyperbaric chambers. My doctor wanted me to buy a used hyperbaric chamber on eBay but that was a totally overwhelming proposition and endeavor. Not to mention risky. This company makes it easy. They are totally responsible and really caring people, they are very fair and generous in the way they do business. The chambers are very sturdy and well-made If you’re in the market for a hyperbaric chamber this is the most affordable option out there. This means emotionally and mentally as well as monetarily.” ~Kathleen Steindler

“I’m been having pain in my side for months and unfortunately its been keeping me from working full time. I happened upon Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and thought I’d give it a try since doctors and medications didn’t seem to be helping at all. I did some research and discovered I could do these treatments in my home for less than going to a clinic. That was a no brainer.

More convenient and less $$.

I’ve been using the chamber for about 2 weeks and to my excitement, I’m starting to feel Better! Who would have thought that oxygen was the key to my recovery. Thanks to the folks at Hyperbaric Solutions for making this happen!” ~Danny Acosta Charlotte NC

“Excellent company to work with. Their services helped my husband immensely. We are so happy they deliver to the Charlotte, NC area!” ~Mary Jo A.

“Brian went out of his way to find us an affordable chamber for home use in Greenville, SC. Danny from their Charlotte, NC office did an excellent job delivering, setting up, and explaining the operation and use of the chamber. Our experience was Top Notch from start to finish!” ~Jeremy Spencer

“This Company is amazing!

The service was also great! Brian and Jennifer were wonderful! Brian helped us set up our Hyperbaric Chamber, we called with many questions and he answered and was so helpful!” ~Tammy Heithoff

“Brian was super helpful & very kind when I had questions about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He was patient with me & his guidance enabled me to find the right equipment for my situation. I would definitely recommend Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions to others who want help with HBOT!” ~Beth Piver

“We rented a hyperbaric chamber from Affordable for my daughter a few months back. They were friendly and helpful. My wife was relieved not to have to drive to Denver every other day.” ~Scott Evans

“I rented a Hyperbaric Chamber from the helpful people at AHS to benefit from oxygen therapy, which is good for athletes. I looked at my options concerning HBOT and was pleased to discover I could try it at home. The service had been very good and the price a is a lot better than the Denver places I called. I’m already starting to feel like this is helping quite a bit!”
~Miranda Ravin / Denver

“I used this hyperbaric rental company almost 2 years ago They were very helpful and I was surprised how fast they were able to schedule my delivery in north Denver. Made it easy to treat at home” ~Jo Scott

Time Saver

“I rented a chamber from Affordable a few months ago. It was such a time saver, because i didn’t need to travel to the clinic in Denver. I just walked to my bedroom! I did all 40 sessions in 1 and 1/2 months and saved a bundle. One happy customer” ~Connie Sharin

“I cannot say enough good things about Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. After suffering a brain injury from a car accident my doctor recommended a hyperbaric chamber as part of my recovery plan. The thought of more appointments to go to made me want to cry.

Discovering I could have a chamber in my own home was huge! Not only were they knowledgeable and helpful, they’re also generous with their time.They came and set the chamber up at my house and were available for any questions I had along the way. So, I highly recommend Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions–if you are on the fence just give them a call, they will help.” ~Chanda Magallanes

“I had the opportunity to try a hyperbaric chamber after minor surgery. And I heard it would help speed up the healing process and that sounded good to me. I decided to give it a try and I found that i enjoyed my dives a lot. Quiet and peaceful, it was a nice retreat. I also liked the service I received from my hyperbaric company. I don’t think they’re a big company but they act like they are. Great service and always ready to help. I texted them several times with questions and they responded quickly. I’ll use them again next time and recommend them to Friends and Family!” ~David Daharsh

High Fives

“Great customer service at a great price.I was very satisfied with the product as well.I would definitely recommend them to anyone.” ~Nob Bob

“Incredible company, great prices and personalized customer service *High Five*” ~Stephen LaFosse

“They are delightful people to work with and made the whole process very simple and straightforward. The machines are high quality and work well. I am grateful that they have created such a high quality and affordable business.” ~Jenica Schevene

“Brian and Jen have been very pleasant and patient with me. This is my first attempt at HBOT for wound care and I am seeing good results as my foot wound is shrinking and filling in nicely. Going to give it another month!!” ~Larry Dalton

Converted skeptic

“I’m a natural born skeptic. So, when I discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a possible way to help with a lung problem I have, I wasn’t immediately sold. And when I saw how expensive the treatments are in HBOT clinics, I figured there was no way.

But then I kept looking online and found affordablehyperbaricsolutions.com – Quite a difference in price. And after only using the chamber for a week, I started sleeping hours a night. Something I hadn’t done in over a year. The owners are a super helpful husband and wife team. And I read how they started their chamber because she needed help for a serious condition, but everything they found was too expensive. 

They’re located in the Denver metro area, but they deliver as far as Colorado Springs where I live. How cool is that?! Anyway…I recommend them to anyone who’s been diagnosed with an ailment and told oxygen therapy could help. 5 stars all the way!” ~Tony F.