We love helping people with their
oxygen therapy needs. And they’ve
said some nice things about us.

We rented a hyperbaric chamber from Affordable for my daughter a few months back. They were friendly and helpful. My wife was relieved not to have to drive to Denver every other day.” ~Scott Evans

I rented a Hyperbaric Chamber from the helpful people at AHS to benefit from oxygen therapy, which is good for athletes. I looked at my options concerning HBOT and was pleased to discover I could try it at home. The service had been very good and the price a is a lot better than the Denver places I called. I’m already starting to feel like this is helping quite a bit!
~Miranda Ravin / Denver

I used this hyperbaric rental company almost 2 years ago They were very helpful and I was surprised how fast they were able to schedule my delivery in north Denver. Made it easy to treat at home” ~Jo Scott

Time Saver

I rented a chamber from Affordable a few months ago. It was such a time saver, because i didn’t need to travel to the clinic in Denver. I just walked to my bedroom! I did all 40 sessions in 1 and 1/2 months and saved a bundle. One happy customer” ~Connie Sharin

I cannot say enough good things about Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. After suffering a brain injury from a car accident my doctor recommended a hyperbaric chamber as part of my recovery plan. The thought of more appointments to go to made me want to cry. Discovering I could have a chamber in my own home was huge! Not only were they knowledgeable and helpful, they’re also generous with their time. They came and set the chamber up at my house and were available for any questions I had along the way. I highly recommend Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions–if you are on the fence just give them a call, they will help.” ~Chanda Magallanes

I had the opportunity to try a hyperbaric chamber after minor surgery. I heard it would help speed up the healing process and that sounded good to me. I decided to give it a try and I found that i enjoyed my dives a lot. Quiet and peaceful, it was a nice retreat. I also liked the service I received from my hyperbaric company. I don’t think they’re a big company but they act like they are. Great service and always ready to help. I texted them several times with questions and they responded quickly. I’ll use them again next time and recommend them to Friends and Family!” ~David Daharsh

High Fives

Great customer service at a great price.I was very satisfied with the product as well.I would definitely recommend them to anyone.” ~Nob Bob

Incredible company, great prices and personalized customer service *High Five*” ~Stephen LaFosse

“They are delightful people to work with and made the whole process very simple and straightforward. The machines are high quality and work well. I am grateful that they have created such a high quality and affordable business.” ~Jenica Schevene

Brian and Jen have been very pleasant and patient with me. This is my first attempt at HBOT for wound care and I am seeing good results as my foot wound is shrinking and filling in nicely. Going to give it another month!!” ~Larry Dalton

Converted skeptic

I’m a natural born skeptic. So, when I discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a possible way to help with a lung problem I have, I wasn’t immediately sold. And when I saw how expensive the treatments are in HBOT clinics, I figured there was no way.
But then I kept looking online and found affordablehyperbaricsolutions.com – Quite a difference in price. And after only using the chamber for a week, I started sleeping hours a night. Something I hadn’t done in over a year. The owners are a super helpful husband and wife team. And I read how they started their chamber because She needed help for a serious condition, but everything they found was too expensive. They’re located in the Denver metro area, but they deliver as far as Colorado Springs where I live. How cool is that?! Anyway…I recommend them to anyone who’s been diagnosed with an ailment and told oxygen therapy could help. 5 stars all the way!” ~Tony F.