My wife Jennifer was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) about 4 years ago.  Ignoring this was not an option!  After consulting with her neurologist (following 2 second opinions), she began researching medications – known as Disease Modifying Drugs in the MS world – to slow or stop the progression of her MS. She discovered that all of the medications came with a long list of potentially harmful…and sometimes deadly…side effects. So, she searched for non pharmaceutical treatments and therapies to help ease her increasing discomfort. Our hope was to make our new life with MS more like our former life. She tried many different conventional and alternative treatments to manage her MS, and they lead us to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Some treatments were beneficial.  Most were not. Jennifer (the co founder of AHS) was looking and hoping for something to enhance her upcoming stem cell therapy results in June of 2015. While surfing the web, she discovered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). After additional research she booked her first session at a clinic in Denver, Colorado. Taking advantage of a special the clinic was offering, she booked 10 one-hour sessions at a cost of $550. Jennifer continued to research Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and discovered HBOT offered numerous health benefits WITHOUT any side effects that the MS drugs have to offer.   After a few sessions she noticed that she gradually began to feel and sleep better.

Unfortunately, the adipose tissue stem cell treatment was pricey, about $11,000, and only minimally effective. It did make a noticeable improvement in her ability to walk up and down the stairs, but the improvement lasted less than one month. Ouch!
(Find out more about Jen’s Journey with MS)

A Silver Lining and a Snag

The best part about the stem cell treatment was finding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). It was much more affordable – improved her overall sense of well-being with results that didn’t fade after a few weeks.

Driving to Denver for treatments was a bit expensive, time-consuming and added unwelcome stress to our busy life. So, we decided to purchase our very own Hyperbaric Chamber for in-home treatments. We looked into the variety of options for buying a Chamber and soon discovered they’re pricey little buggers. And very high monthly fees meant leasing one was out of the question.  We researched different brands, and the various sizes available, and settled on a mid-sized unit we could both use. We purchased our chamber locally for $8500 in cash after checking many used chambers online. The chamber was 6 years old and appeared to be in excellent condition and came with all the necessary equipment including an Oxygen concentrator. Now we could start enjoying Oxygen therapy in the comfort of our own home.

Life was good and getting better. Jen self-treated just about every day for almost 3 months.

Uh Oh!

Then we ran into a rather BIG SNAG. The chamber sprang a leak at one of the window seams. So we did what most anyone would do, we Panicked! After that, we made lots of phone calls to various people in the hyperbaric chamber industry. I couldn’t find any sensibly priced repair service or information on how to repair it yourself. Frankly, I was shocked.

In desperation, Jen called the manufacturer who informed her the Chamber would have to be disassembled, carefully packaged, and returned for inspection and possible repair. They said if the chamber was fixable, it would cost about $1,100.00. And that was the good news. The bad news was if the chamber was deemed non-repairable, we would be out $8500. But hey, we could always get another used chamber at the regular price of about $10,500. OUCH!

Jennifer asked the manufacturer if the repair was indeed feasible, would the chamber be warrantied. And if so, for what period of time? She was informed that only the 2 inch window seam repair would be covered by a warranty…and only for a period of 6 months. They also said if I attempted a repair, they would be unable or unwilling to fix the chamber in the future.  What to do?!

We considered our options

They weren’t great. We had $8,500 invested in the chamber and it would cost about $1,100 more to repair a two inch section of the window seam. And there was another 140 inches that could also spring a leak at any time.

Jennifer wanted to continue her oxygen therapy in our home which seemed perfectly reasonable to me. So, after some hair pulling, I decided to attempt a DIY repair. I knew if I failed, the $8,500 would be “out the window”! I first spent dozens of hours online, learning much more than I wanted to know about epoxies and substrates and pressure and protocols and finally devised a plan to repair the window on the chamber.

After 4 months of struggling, 8 attempts, and lots of experimenting with plastic epoxies and procedures, I finally fixed that window seam.

All that online research opened my eyes to how many other people were going through similar circumstances. Some had returned their chambers to the manufacturer for repair only to have them deemed “non-repairable”. They were then sent a price list for a new Chamber – rather than having their chamber returned to them…and billed for shipping and handling only.

Unexpected positive side effects…

During that 4 month ordeal, I (Brian, Jen’s husband) started using the chamber. Not for its health benefits, but in order to see how my repair would hold up. I wanted and need to understand just how this chamber really worked. I studied it from every possible angle.

We, an amazing thing happened and one I didn’t anticipate at all.  I began to FEEL BETTER. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but I couldn’t help noticing how much better I could breathe. The chamber helped Jen, and now, after I fixed the window, it was helping me too.

I suffered from asthma in my 20’s and 30’s. It improved and then disappeared in my 40’s, but I still experienced daily shortness of breath. I just accepted it as part of my everyday life because I could never figure out how to make it go away. Now, HBOT is helping me feel genuinely BETTER!

How Our Company Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions came to be

Once again Jen and I could get our daily “Oxygen fix”. When our vacation approached and we knew we’d be gone for a month, I decided to post an ad on Craigslist to see if someone would be interested in trying out our chamber while we were traveling. To my surprise, I received 10 responses almost right away. Four people definitely wanted to try Oxygen Therapy in the comfort of their home…but I only had one chamber to offer.

We need to make this affordable for others

That’s when I knew that if I could figure out a way to make Chambers available, affordable and convenient we could get them into regular folks’ homes so they could see for themselves if Oxygen Therapy would do for them what it had done for us.

So, we made hundreds of phone calls, checked local regulations, and spoke to experts in similar fields. We then did something really SCARY, we placed an order for our first chambers, started this website and made them available to you, if you’re in the Denver area and…

  • You’d like to try out oxygen therapy from the comfort of your own home
  • You’d prefer not to have to drive to a clinic miles from home or work
  • You’d prefer to pay about $24 a day instead of $60 per hour

We hope to revolutionize the hyperbaric oxygen therapy world by offering it at a price most people can actually afford. We want you to know you have options at AHS.  You can lease a Chamber of your very own for 1 to 6 months and then, if you decide like us that you’d rather not live without HBOT you can purchase a 50% ownership in an AHS Chamber.

A 50% ownership allows folks to share the Cost as well as the Benefits of a mild Hyperbaric Chamber- at about half the price.

See our price list for additional information or give us a call today!

That’s what this website is all about…offering You an Affordable Hyperbaric Solution.

It’s working for Us – Let’s see if it works for you too.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is classified as a Class II medical device. A prescription is required to enjoy the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).