Our Hyperbaric Chamber Cost
is more Affordable
for your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

You’ve probably already discovered the Many Potential Benefits of HBOT- Right? We thought so. And you’re probably wondering, “So, How much does a Hyperbaric Chamber cost?” If you’ve searched Chamber websites, you might be thinking these wonderful treatments are just too darn expensive. Because of that, we started Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions And Our Mission is to make it possible for people to experience the Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and at a price they can Afford.

Here’s a Snapshot of our Hyperbaric Chamber Cost compared to typical HBOT Clinics…

HBOT Clinics:
20 1 hour treatments X $75 per visit = $1500 plus…

Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions
$599 per month, and
only $150 per month for second person. Plus…
Gas: $3 per trip X 20 trips = $60 in fuel cost (or more?) No gas required = $0
60 minutes travel time per trip X 20 trips
What’s your time worth for 20 trips? $300? $450? $600?
$399 for delivery to your home
(check out other delivery options below)
Set up equipment – Instruction in the use of the equipment
Equipment pick-up
Travel time? How long to walk to your living room? Bedroom?
Total average cost for 20 treatments = $2010 or $100 per treatment $998 for up to 30-31 treatments per month
And even if you only do 20 treatments, that’s about $50 per
treatment, and still a 50% savings compared to HBOT clinics
3 and 6 month leases save even more
* Note: Your physician will most likely recommend a
protocol specific to your condition
* Note: Your physician will most likely recommend a
protocol specific to your condition

So, think about this.

A 60 minute session at an HBOT clinic usually doesn’t take into account the time it takes to pressurize and deflate the chamber. And if that takes 15 minutes, your dive is only 45 minutes. And when you’re paying by the minute, you’re stuck with whatever the clinic considers an hour session.

But when your HBOT session is done in the comfort of your own home, a 60 minute session might take 75 minutes from start to finish. And then 60 minutes is 60 minutes.
So, you enjoy huge advantages when you pay by the month and not by the minute.

Be sure to contact us about our awesome new promotion.
Lease a chamber for 6 months and keep it for 9 months
You Read That Right!
~ 3 months free when you lease for 6 months ~

*Note: Your physician will likely recommend a protocol specific to your Condition and If more than 20 treatments per month are recommended by your doctor, you would get the additional Sessions BUT at NO Additional CHARGE at “Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions”. That’s where the “Affordable” in Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions Begins!

Pleased to say we’re authorized dealers
for both Summit To Sea and Newtowne hyperbaric chambers

Choose From These
Monthly Lease Options

for 27″ diameter Chamber

1 Month Lease includes:

27 inch Summit to Sea or Newtowne Chamber w/Compressor and Frame
Email or Phone Support / Battery operated Personal fan / Remote / Alarm (for in-chamber use)  $599* 
(See Delivery Options Below)

3 Month Lease includes:

27 inch Summit to Sea or Newtowne Chamber w/Compressor and Frame
Email or phone support / Battery operated Personal fan / Remote/ Alarm (for in-chamber use)  $569 per month*
(See Delivery Options Below)

6 Month Lease includes:

27 inch Summit To Sea or Newtowne Chamber w/Compressor and Frame
Email or phone support / Battery operated Personal fan / Remote / Alarm (for in-chamber use)  $529 per month*

And here are your delivery options

Your most affordable option: only $99

We set up the equipment at our place and thoroughly clean it. When you have a script, come to Longmont to pick up the chamber. Of course, we train you in the proper use of the equipment. And this includes a short “dive”.

We then take disassemble the equipment and help you load it in your vehicle. You’re on your way in about 90 minutes.
You’ll set up the equipment in your home. And return the equipment at the end of your rental period. So, you become the delivery person and save…Big Time.

(If you decide you’d like to purchase the equipment – we can roll you into our “rent to own” option.)

Your second most affordable option: only $199

Choose this option and we deliver to your place and set the equipment outside your front door. Because contactless delivery makes sense for some customers.

You’ll be the setup technician, too. But don’t worry. Using text pictures and videos, we’ll be able to confirm your equipment is set up properly. And we’ll show you how to test it before you climb in. We’ve done this, successfully, many times – so it’s a proven solution to help you get your equipment up and running safely. We also pick up the equipment when your treatments are completed.

Your third most affordable option: only $299

This is another contactless delivery option. But we DO enter your home and set up and test the equipment. Once that’s complete, we spray the area with disinfectant Lysol and leave. And we’ll talk you through your 1st dive at home. Plus, we suggest you have someone with you on your first few dives to work out any issues. Remember to always take your phone into your chamber. We also pick up the equipment when your treatments are completed.

Your most comprehensive option: for $399

We clean and inspect all equipment prior to delivery. And then we deliver and set up the equipment in your home.  Then, we’ll give you complete equipment operations instruction and help you through a short 15 minute dive while we’re there. And, of course, we’ll be back to pick up everything when your treatments are done. Plus, you’re welcome to unlimited texts and/or calls for extra support as you get to know your chamber.

Note: These options are for deliveries within a 35 mile radius of our office. That equals up to 140 miles total for delivery AND pickup. Additional distances will be calculated by the mile.

Recommended:  Oxygen Concentrator – 10 LPM  / 20 PSI Back pressure – Available for $249 per month with Chamber Lease or $299 per month w/o Chamber Rental

Note: $500 Security Deposits are returned after Equipment is inspected (typically within 2 days of pick up)
*Above pricing applies when payment is received in full at time of Drop Off / Monthly payments add $20 per month to Pricing schedule

**Within 35 mile radius of downtown Denver – Only $1 per mile after that (applies to Delivery and Pick Up) 

Under certain circumstances, we allow clients to pick up the Equipment / Set it Up / Knock it Down and Return it to AHS – Some things we consider are: 1. Do you own a home? 2. What type of vehicle will you use? 3. Can you transport the equipment without damage? And can you set up the Chamber and use the equipment safely and return it to AHS in good condition? 

We do require a larger deposit when using this “Let’s make this work” – strategy.

And Choose from these
Purchase Options for 27″ diameter Chamber
(after lease is complete)
75% of rental payments will be applied to purchases

1 Month Lease – Newtowne / Summit to Sea

Schedule to be determined by customer
Delivery and Set up $70 (if required) within 35 miles
Chamber to be inspected annually
Security deposit to be returned after 6 year agreement ends
Chamber ownership continues for life of chamber

3 to 6 Month Lease – Newtowne / Summit to Sea

Schedule to be determined by customer
Delivery and Set up for only $60 (if required)
Chamber to be inspected annually
50% of lease payments to be credited toward purchase of chamber and equipment
Security deposit to be returned after 6 year agreement ends
And chamber ownership continues for life of chamber

Purchase pricing assumes payment in full upon Delivery
6% APR financing available upon request / Oxygen Concentrator $1,090 for 50% Ownership
$75 Cleaning Fee to be Charged if Chamber is Returned Heavily Soiled

Please note: A Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is classified as a Class II medical device. You’ll need a prescription to enjoy the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

AHS can connect you with a doctor that can help you with this also!

Larger 33″ Chamber now Available
Only $149 additional per month

This Larger Chamber eases mild claustrophobia
and Accommodates
 1 Adult and 1 Child

Serving the Front Range of Colorado since 2016

(Currently from the Wyoming border to Pueblo)

Including our neighbors down in Colorado Springs

Also Serving – Greenville, SC – Charlotte, NC – Massachusetts

– and our newest, highly trained rep in New Jersey

For customers not currently in our service areas, we offer a minimum 3 month rental at $749 per month. Shipping will be approximately $749 round trip. And that includes thorough cleaning and top notch packaging. Because your time, safety, and health are so important to us. We don’t offer oxygen concentrators with out of state rentals (at this time) due to high cost of shipping them. (By the way…please save & reuse the shipping boxes.)

Your hyperbaric chamber cost has an available military discountYour hyperbaric chamber cost has an available senior discount

This nice woman, who’s fighting cancer, said…

“Awesome! Love the HBOT. I have never slept so good in my life. And I’m feeling so strong!! I am recovering slowly, this chamber is Great!!” ~Kathleen in Denver

And a woman with Brain Trauma from a 2014 Auto Accident said this…

“I am hitting my stride now with the chamber. And I think my brain is finally clearing after almost 18 months of fog!!!
I’m feeling like I have a bit more of “me” back. And I look forward to my chamber sessions every evening and sleeping better too. Heading in now! So grateful I found AHS. You are good people!” ~Sandra C. in Longmont

Plus…a lady, with sleep problems, said this…

“I’d been having problems sleeping which prompted me to search online for a solution. And I found lots of folks who said HBOT was helping them sleep. But I didn’t like the high prices I saw. Or how far I would have to drive just to get a one hour treatment. I don’t have any particular condition, just aging. And not so gracefully. When I found AHS, I decided to rent for a month to see if it would help me feel better. So, once I got a prescription from my doctor, the nice folks at AHS offered me a free trial session at their home. And the chamber is quite roomy and comfortable and easy to use. And after just a few days of treatments, I slept better than I have in years. Then I noticed I feel better and more energetic.”
~Denise D. in Thornton

Another lady traveling from East Coast said this…

“I recently traveled to Denver, CO to visit family. But when I arrived I noticed I wasn’t feeling quite right and then became quite ill. And I discovered after speaking with several local people, I was probably experiencing altitude sickness, since I lived at sea level my whole life. So, I did some research and discovered Affordable Hyperbaric Solutions. It was much more convenient and less costly than the Clinics I found online. After only one session, I started feeling, and that night I even slept better than I have in a long time! If you’ve ever traveled to the mile high city and felt like I did, then I recommend this therapy and AHS.” ~Mary A. from Sea Level

(See lots of other reviews and testimonials here)


These chambers are air tight and need to be monitored to assure that the compressors are constantly moving fresh air into the chamber. As a result, stale gases such as C02 are emitted. So, if the power is interrupted while you’re asleep, you won’t immediately know it’s time to exit the chamber.

PLEASE BE SAFE when you use this type ll Medical equipment. The supplied alarm is not an optional feature you can simply ignore. It’s just as necessary as the compressors  So, install the alarm and check it each time you use your equipment. 

Alarms were added (years ago) to alert people of a power outage and keep them SAFER.